MULTI-ETHNICITY - After praying for his disciples, Jesus prayed for us (the church) in John 17:20-23. He prayed that we would be one, or “perfected in unity.” Our diverse ethnicities representing many Nations and language groups would demonstrate to all mankind that He is, indeed, the Messiah who alone brings peace and salvation to the world.

MULTI-GENERATIONAL - Churches must bring families together not divide them. God promises blessings to thousands of generations to those who worship Him (Exodus 20:6). We seek to continue this pattern as we reach out within the generations from infants to grandparents within our families. In this regard we value our elders who have served well and we want to bless this generation. 

MAKING DISCIPLES - This is Jesus' design for the church. His completed work was to train and produce disciples (John 17:4) therefore the work of Edge City Church is to train disciples who in turn will make more disciples following Jesus' master plan for the church. Disciple making is not an option; this is our main work. 

MULTIPLYING CHURCHES  -  Our burden is to reach the unchurched and unbelievers. There are many unbelievers because they do not have a relationship with Jesus. There are many unchurched because they do not have a relationship with God's people. We make it our priority to welcome these groups to make Edge City Church their spiritual home.