Preview #2


This past weekend, August 5, we had our second preview service. We had nearly 100 adults present and we praise God that our church community came out to see what Edge City Church will be like. 

As we were preparing for the service it struck me that we are really doing a church plant. I’ve heard and read about the nuts and bolts of starting a church from scratch and this past Sunday it became a reality. 

First, due to time and space restrictions we had only 30 minutes to set up the basement for a worship service. This included setting up plenty of chairs, instruments, multi-media, sound check, children’s ministry, food, ushering, and multiple fans.

Second, did I mention fans?  Yes.  Sunday was day 1 of a heat wave in Long Island, NY. Our space was humid. No air conditioning. Minimum air circulation. 7 Box Fans blowing at full speed.

Third, there was confusion in the air because everyone was moving around to prepare for service that we didn’t even have time to settle down to prepare our hearts and heart beats to meet God! 

At a certain moment in between the songs of worship, confessional prayers, and the message, I realized that we are a church plant. Maybe it was due to all of my overwhelmed senses drenched in humidity, but all I know was that my heart was filled with humility. 

I looked at all those who attended and I’m sure they shared similar sentiments. However, the congregation was sitting attentive, listening, responding, giving…and I was filled with gratitude. I thank God that even at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon with 90% humidity in a hot basement, the church can come together to worship God who is Glorious!

The talk centered on the Glory of God that is expressed through the church. I believe we Glorified God this past Sunday because our God is worth any inconvenience and barrier to overcome to worship Him! I am proud of Edge City Church because we are doing this together.

We look forward to our next full gathering, September 9…our official launch.

Let’s Glorify God and rejoice in His Name together!

Edge City Church