The Strategy of Edge City Church: A 4-Phase Movement

Edge City Church has a Mission:
To establish a Gospel Driven Church in Long Island engaging the Nations and Ethnicities through Discipleship among the generations, within diverse language groups, for multiplication throughout New York and the World.

Phase 1: Edge City Church
Plant Edge City Church in Nassau County, Long Island.

The 4 PM gathering and training seek to prepare for the launch on September 9, 2018. At this point we seek to build a community, gather resources, hold regular services, execute the vision, and be the church at the present location in East Williston.

Usually the launch of the new church is the dream of all the effort, planning, praying, and gathering. However, the mission of Edge City Church goes beyond planting one healthy church. We want to be a church that plant other churches so that the multiplying effects of the gospel will be realized throughout Long Island, NY.

Phase 2: Church Planting
Train and release church planters to start satellite churches.

As Edge City grows and works out the vision of Discipleship, Multi-Ethnicity, and Multi-generation ministries, we will be intentionally training men and women who are called to the specialized ministry of the pastorate. We will establish a Church Planting Internship and fund potential planters to learn and execute the spiritual DNA of Edge City.

After the initial launch in September 2018, we plan to send out trained pastors and a core group of committed members to hive off to plant satellite churches. After the first satellite church, we will continue to seek for pastors to train and send out teams to establish multiple satellite churches across Long Island, NY. Within 10 years of our first church, we foresee having 5 or 6 healthy Edge City Satellite Churches.

Phase 3: Edge City NY
All the Edge City Churches regroup under one roof to be the light and blessing to our community.

There is power in numbers. If Edge City Church becomes a community of thousands upon thousands worshipping God with people from all stripes representing many tribes, tongues, and Nations, reflecting Revelation 7:9, the world will know that Jesus is God.

All of our Edge City Churches will work out the culture of multi-ethnicity, being multi-generational, and involving in intentional discipleship. When these churches gather we foresee a huge space that will accommodate multiple worship services to host various language groups. There will be language specific fellowship groups for discipleship and evangelism. Many profit and nonprofit groups will be established within this campus to meet the spiritual and social needs of Long Island such as child care, nursery, after school program, professional counseling, youth center, drug rehab center, medical and legal clinics, food and clothing bank, and as many other ministries that members of Edge City can envision.

Edge City Church NY will be like a city set on a hill because we will be the light of Christ to Long Island, NY.

Phase 4: Edge City NY and Beyond
Identify other Edge Cities of the world and repeat.

The final phase is to plant this model and vision to other edge cities throughout US and the World. Train and send out a team with the DNA and blessings from Edge City NY to anywhere God is blowing His Wind.

Edge City Church