Why is our church called Edge City?


Praise God! We had our first preview service on July 8, 4pm at the Community Church of East Williston location. Although the air was humid and the space a bit tight, we had nearly 90 adults and 20 children attend our first gathering. We have lots of items to adjust as we prepare for the full launch in September. We are grateful that our friends and supporters came to witness the beginnings of Edge City.

Speaking of which….why is it called Edge City Church?

The term was popularized by the 1991 book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier by Joel Garreau who established its current meaning while working as reporter for the Washington Post. Garreau argues that the edge city has become the standard form of urban growth worldwide, representing a 20th-century urban form unlike that of the 19th-century central downtown.

Edge City is not the center city, nor the suburbs, nor the exurbs, nor rural. It is a place with lots of retail space, a place where people come to work, a one stop place for shopping, entertainment, and business without the hassle of the city.

In the church planting community there are convincing arguments to bring the gospel to major center cities of the world. The argument is that the Apostle Paul used the strategy of reaching Urban centers first to influence the country and the most permanent way to influence a city was through planting churches.

I praise God that lots of resources and churches are being planted in major center cities of the world. However there is a migration away from cities to the exurbs and the suburbs bypassing Edge Cities all across America. There are churches in the metropolitan area. There are churches of all sizes and denominations in the suburbs. But churches in the edge cities are not well represented. Because many commuters work, live, socialize, and play in edge cities it seems to reason that a place of worship must also be represented.

At Edge City Church we have a vision to be located strategically at the cross section of life. Nassau County is literally on the edge of NYC. At the same time it fits the technical description of Garreau’s Edge City. We desire people from the city, to the exurbs, and to the suburbs to join at a central location to find God and a purpose for their lives at the Edge City Church.

Stay tuned for the next blog as we lay out the 4-phase strategy of how Edge City Church will impact Nassau County for Jesus.

Edge City Church