Training Season


This summer, we will have a season of training as we prepare to launch this church plant. Let's use this training season as a reset for our community to learn and grow into Edge City Church.

When does the training session begin? May 6, 2018, 5 pm, location New Hope Community Church

There are two reasons for this:

This past Sunday, April 22, we celebrated the last evening service at CCGN—a ministry we've had for five years! I will be away this coming Sunday, and it'll be a good time for all of us to take a one week hiatus before embarking on our new journey. Therefore, May 6 is the ideal date to start gathering for our training season. That's the first reason.

The next reason starts with an answer to the question: why do we need a training season?I would not ask you to run a marathon unless you are properly trained. Runners train to build speed, endurance, and strength to achieve peak performance. They learn discipline, how to rest and recover, how to heal injuries, and how to self-evaluate. In a similar way, we need to heal our spiritual injuries; we need to rest and recover; we need develop strength and courage from good theology; we need to build a Christ-centered community; and we need to pray for solid repentance in the wake of the last nine months of spiritual battle. Our May 6 starting date will give us four solid months of training as we prepare for our September 9 launch date.

What will we do to achieve this during our season of training? A lot. I will elaborate further in the next blog so stay tuned, and save the date: May 6 at 5 pm for our first gathering of the Edge City Church training. Location will be announced shortly.

P.S. If you know anybody who may be interested in joining us for this journey, feel free to forward them this email and ask them to subscribe for updates.

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